Two mothers’ takes on the question

                       “Why More Than the Crown?”

    “I never really looked for someone to coach my daughters, thinking that we participate in pageants for the experience, not the win.  Of course, we all desire that "win", but it is not our focus, it is something to strive for.  While striving for this goal, each year they work harder on talent, and learn more about themselves and how to prepare to do their best.  Every year they gain something, and most years they come away feeling they did their best.  It is however, the years that they did not feel they were at their best, for whatever reasons, that I thought having someone else's one-on-one help might make the difference between hearing "I had a great time", or "I had an amazing time, and I made top 10!" (or whatever other recognition they may have received).  We spend so much time looking for the perfect outfits, finding the best music...spending a lot of time and money; why not invest in "the individual"?  That is what you did, Adam, you really helped the girls bring themselves out in *EACH* area of competition.  They felt more confident, and maybe even a little more "special" inside.  It did not take long for you to zero in on their individual personalities, and help them bring out what *they* wanted to bring out, instead of telling them what to do, when to do it and how.  When they experienced "pageant stress", you were there to bring them back to where they needed to be, happy and positive.  They were ready for each day of competition.  My job as mom became a lot easier because of you being there for them.  Thank you, we look forward to working with you more.”

                            Loretta McCray

We are so fortunate to have found Adam.  I was not the Mom who thought a coach would make such a great difference, but after seeing the skills she acquired from Adam, I am so pleased.  Isabelle has grown before our eyes and is so confidant and sure of herself at 5 years old. Adam’s patience and positive guidance was great. He gave Isabelle some great ideas about how to speak to the judges and insight on how the pageant would be.  We were so happy that he was able to accommodate our schedule at Internationals to ensure Isabel was able to be 5 years old and and still have all the tools she needed to make it to the Top 5.  Adam was there to help Isabelle and was also great comfort to me as well in preparing Isabelle for her Pageant adventure.  We were never really hitting the mark till Adam worked with Isabelle.  She is using all the skills Adam gave her even in everyday life.  She loves to converse with everyone and stands tall and proud of her accomplishments.  She told Adam her goal was to ride the horses on stage and with his help Isabelle’s dream came true. If you ask her about her goal for next year she says 'To have Mr. Adam help me get the Crown and ride the horses again.'

Thanks Adam and we can not wait to work with you again this year !!!!!"

                            Lorraine Richards

A teen clients perspective

    You have seen me compete at Cinderella for a while now. You saw something in me that I had never paid attention to.  I am so glad I worked with you on my interview and casual wear speech.  You showed me the real me that I was not being. I honestly came this past year for the experience because never would I have thought or could someone have told me that I was going to be in top 5 and get 2nd runner up.
    I just wanted to say how appreciative I am for what you did for me.  You brought out the best of me. never have I ever felt so excited about going into interview, let alone feel great and confident about it.  After our lessons and talks, when I went back and talked to my mom about what we discussed, she always just had a huge smile on her face and said that she saw a side of me that she had never seen before.  You brought out a sensitive side of me that I will never forget.
    I will never forget what we had discussed and summed up all of our conversations with.  It all concluded with the comment, "McKenzie, all I need you to do is go in there and be yourself.  If you are yourself and nothing but yourself, they will either love you or not.  They have to get to know the real McKenzie and not a McKenzie that they will never know because she's not being herself."  Words cannot describe how much you helped me.  All I can say is thank you and I plan to work with you again.  I would recommend you to absolutely anyone.  You are the best. You really know how to connect with your "student".  You reach inside of us and pull out anything you can. Thank you so much.  I wouldn't change anything about this past year.

                                          McKenzie Jade Faggart

                            2016 Miss North Carolina
                            2009-2010 Cinderella                                 
                            Scholarship Program
                            International 2nd
                            Alternate Teen Division

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