“Adam has such great insight for all aspects of competition. He showed me a different way to approach interview that allowed me to trust myself, and made me more confident. His concepts taught me to draw my responses from memories and to paint pictures for the judges. His little tips and tricks helped me get to where I am. He was a great addition on my journey to winning the 2022 International Cinderella Woman title.“

~Angela Cifone


I started working with Adam after an 8-year break from pageants, and it was like I never stepped away from them. I was able to jump right back in with a new sense of confidence. Adam’s coaching methods set a course for my success. He taught me how to work through my nerves so I could show my true self in my interview and on-stage talent. Adam is always willing to go above and beyond. I plan to keep him apart of my team and journey for many years to come.

Jadyn Snider 2022-2023 South Carolina Cinderella Teen


I knew from our first telephone conversation that Kylie would benefit from working with him Adam. He has given her a different perspective on what an interview is all about, and I know she will keep these skills for a lifetime. He has a way of making his lessons memorable. Thank you for working with my daughter!


Laurie West -- Mother of Kylie West

2022-2023 Georgia Cinderella Teen


I met Mr Adam when I was just 10 years old, and I’ve learned more than I could have ever imagined from him. He is so much more than a pageant coach. He has always believed in me, especially when I did not believe in myself. Mr Adam has been there every step of the way. He has helped me capture two State titles and three International titles in the Cinderella Scholarship Pageant.

Kaleigh Kavanaugh, 2018-2019 Cinderella Woman

2012-2013 Cinderella Scolarship Program - International Overall Winner Teen Division

2009-2010 Cinderella Scolarship Program - International Overall Winner Miss Division


After taking a few years off, (Adam) helped build my confidence in preparation for the International Cinderella Scholarship Pageant. He also helped me to better understand myself as an individual, improve my interview and speaking skills, and feel confident and humble from our very first session. Adam helped me to recognize my worth and potential so that I truly had an amazing experience regardless of what the outcome was.

Alexandria Staheli 2019-2020 3rd Alternate Woman Division


"Thank you Adam for all that you have helped Mackenzie accomplish with Cinderella. Your encouragement & support were invaluable for the Texas Cinderella State & International Pageants."

Dawn Earls -- Mother of 2014-2015 International Overall Winner Teen Division; 2011-2012 Texas Cinderella Scholarship Program-Overall Winner Miss Division / 2011-2012 Cinderella Scholarship Program-1st Alternate International Miss Division Mackenzie Earls 


The sessions the girls had with you were invaluable! With your perspective and expertise you helped them realize how easy interview could be. You made them feel comfortable and explained your valuable concepts in an age appropriate manner to which they could relate. Your support through International week was so meaningful to them! Thank you for everything! 

Amanda Reedin mom of Alexis and Savannah Reddin

2020-2021 Washington State Cinderella Miniature Miss and Miss



"Adam, you helped Katie understand that she didn’t have to try so hard, that she just had to be herself, and that the judges would love her when they saw her true personality.  You helped Katie realize that there is no right answer, and that sharing a story is a way to allow others to get to know you.  You were so good with her and really brought these concepts to a level that a 6-7 year old could understand.  After Katie worked with you she said, 'This is going to be easy.  I just need to be myself!'  Thank you Adam, we couldn’t have done it without you!"

Cynthia Carson (mother of 2014-2015 International Overall Winner Tot Division Katie Carson)




"I cannot take all of the credit for my success because, without my support group and those that have assisted in training me, I would never be where I am today.  One such person is Adam Fleck.  After competing 11 years for an International Title, I had begun to doubt my abilities and myself.  Adam brought in a new perspective and energy that helped me become aware of what I was missing.  Adam had a positive and challenging approach that added a new dimension to my abilities.  He dedicated his time and energy to me during my competition which gave me a fresh and new direction.  He still makes his talents, advice and encouragement available to me well after my crowning.  I am so thankful to have Adam on Team Laryssa."

Laryssa Bonacquisti

2013-2014 Cinderella Scholarship Program - International Overall Winner Teen Division  

2014 Miss Dallas



"Adam Fleck's coaching played a huge part in helping me win the 2011-2012 International Cinderella Teen Title.  I have worked with him numerous times, and he has encouraged me to be myself and not be a "Pageant Girl". He is loyal, supportive, and his coaching technique's are brilliant!  I consider Adam a huge part of my success and would recommend him to all of my friends. Thank you Adam!"

Ashley Hancock

2011-2012 Cinderella Scholarship Program - International Overall Winner Teen Division  


"All I've got to say is WOW!  I really didn't expect for her to get as much out of the training with Adam as she did as a Tot.  And now his very unique and effective approach brings out the best in Amber.  With his advice, she is able to feel confident and truly enjoy herself, which ultimately is the reason we enjoy Cinderella each year. Once he sits down with her and talks about how she feels throughout the process of competition and gives her some great ideas on how to view it from another perspective, she is so excited for the day and week ahead. Amber looks forward to working with Adam year after year, and he always adds something new to keep Amber feeling confident, and growing to be her best self.  It's like Adam Says, it's about "More Than The Crown".

Stacy Ellis (mother of 2014-2015 Washington Cinderella Scholorship Program - Overall Winner Miss Division/2011-2012 Utah Cinderella Scolarship Program - Overall Winner Mini Miss Division/2008-2009 International Cinderella Tot PersonalityAmber Ellis)


"Words can not express how impressed I was while working with Adam. His information and advice not only applies to skills needed to succeed in interview, but will also take you through your life.  He took Autumn to the NEXT LEVEL.  Adam also helped Autumn with her violin in that she needed to play with her heart and what she felt in the music.  It is amazing how he could help with her talent on an instrument of which he had little knowledge.”

Kari Arsenault  (mother of 2011-2012 Cinderella Scholarship Program - International Overall Winner Miniature Miss Division Autumn Arsenault)



"After I met with Mr. Adam I went into my Interview with confidence and I wasn't nervous at all! This carried over into the other areas of competition."


Anna Beth Charlet 

2012-2013 TX Cinderella Scholarship Program - Overall Winner Miss Division  

"I never wanted Anna Beth to be "coached", so we were hesitant.  After working with Adam, I knew this was the best thing we ever did in the pageant world.  Money & time well spent!  He reassured Anna Beth that it's not about having the perfect dress, shoes, hair, or even saying the right or wrong thing. Rather, it's about the judges getting to know her heart and what's inside.  Anna Beth came out of Interview at TX State and said it was her best interview ever.  She was so confident and this set the pace for the rest of the competition. Thank you Mr. Adam!!!"

Kim Charlet (Anna Beth's mother) 


"Adam's coaching helped me get off to a great start in the Cinderella program. He encouraged me to let my true self be seen. He also helped me to understand how to get my story across in my dancing. I would strongly recommend him."

Elan Morris

2011-2012 AZ Cinderella Scholarship Program - Overall Winner Miss Division 


"Thank you for taking the time to talk with me.  Our phone conversations really helped me to learn to be myself.  I have learned to relax and let my personality shine through.  I actually look forward to interviews now."

Alyssa Allan

2011-2012 UT Cinderella Scholarship Program - Overall Winner Teen Division 


"Thank you so much for your time and patience with Saranndon.  Your coaching and advice has truly helped her become more confident in interview."

Trish Madsen

(mother of 2011-2012 WY Cinderella Scholarship Program - Overall Winner Miniature Miss Division Saranndon Madsen) 


"Adam Fleck is a great Coach.  Adam not only helps with Interview, modeling, and talent, he gives life lessons that will help his students for a lifetime.  He truly gets to know his students, and helps them exceed their expectations.  Adam truly helped me understand what interview was about, and helped me achieve the International Miss Title.  I am so proud to call Adam my Coach and Friend."

Madison Curtis

2009-2010 Cinderella Scholarship Program - International Overall Winner Miss Division


"I just wanted to say how appreciative I am for what you did for me.  I am so glad I worked with you on my interview and casual wear speech.  You brought out the best of me.  Never have I ever felt so excited and confident about going into an interview.  You are the best.  You really know how to connect with your students."

McKenzie Jade Faggart

2009-2010 Cinderella Scholarship Program - International 2nd Alternate Teen Division


"Adam has a unique way of showing his clients how to look at situations from many different angles, and even at Katherine's young age, that made a difference on how she approached her talent presentation.  His methods of helping them see the process differently than they have in the past, really helps them approach their pageant preparation from a new perspective."

Christy Dahl (mother of 2010-2011 Arizona Cinderella Scolarship Program-Overall Mini Miss / 2010-2011 Cinderella International Mini Miss Talent Winner Katherine Dahl)

Sydnee-Int-2008-for-MTTC.gif "Adam... listening to you talk to Sydnee at Cinderella Internationals was just amazing. It's hard to put into words the love & support you have for these girls. You spoke to my daughter and explained to her (always on her level) that it's all about expressing who you really are and that just being yourself is the best part. You always made it fun for her. I know at times working with a five year old can be challenging, but you never let that affect your work. I only wish I had the patience you did! Thanks again for your help."

Donna Coddington (mother of 2008-2009
Cinderella International Tot Sydnee Coddington)

"This summer I had the opportunity to work with Adam.  He is truly a “life” coach. It was suggested that he could possibly be of help to me and my interview for the Ms United States Pageant system. I was the Arizona State winner and on my way to Nationals. Adam helped me to see parts of myself I had never considered bringing to the table during an interview. I placed in top 6 at Nationals and am quite proud of my accomplishment and do credit Adams teaching for helping me to achieve a top 6 ranking. I highly recommend Adam."

Amanda Houdashell

MS Arizona United States 2009

"Adam has helped me realize how important it is to really prepare and think about what I want an audience to see and feel.  He has some very interesting and creative ways of helping you present your best on and off the stage."

Megan McCray
2006-2007 AZ Cinderella Scholarship Program - Overall Winner Teen Division


"Adam helped me most on my talent and taught me how to "make it mine".  My dance teachers have taught me technique and choreography, but Adam helped me realize that every performance needs something more.  I also feel more relaxed and confident going into an interview because of his help."

Shannan McCray

2009-2010 AZ Cinderella Scholarship Program - Overall Winner Teen Division

"Adam you‘re awesome!  For two years you have helped me in so many areas… Pageants, Singing, Auditioning, Acting in my plays, and even Cheerleading!  Who knew there'd be an interview?  I’ve learned life lessons from you while coaching me for pageants.  You have given me a great foundation, and taught me to never just get by and meet the standard, but to excel and exceed it.  I look forward to a wonderful life of accomplishments because of you!"

Alaina Crabtree

2009-2010 CA Cinderella Scholarship Program - Overall Winner Teen Division

2005 Miss Arizona Junior National Teenager


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